Get Mites? Dust Mite Spray – Anti-Allergen 940ml

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Allergy Australia's 940ml anti-allergen dust mite spray breaks down the structure of common household allergens that cause allergy symptoms such us hay fever (rhinitis), eczema and asthma, rendering them harmless to allergy sufferers. Its formula works on protein-based allergens such as dust mite allergen, pet dander, cockroach droppings and even pollen and mould.

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Why use anti-allergen spray to get dust mites?


    • Neutralises Allergens – not just dust mite allergens, but also pet dander, cockroach droppings, mould and other protein based allergens.
    • Non-toxic – Our anti-allergen spray’s active ingredients are also used as food additives and oral hygiene products (mouthwash).
    • Fungicidal – neutralises mould allergens, but also kills mould and inhibits its growth**, reducing dust mite populations by reducing access to a food source.
    • Anti-bacterial – has an antiseptic effect, reducing bacterial populations and inhibiting their re-growth.
    • Reduces Your Housework Load – avoid washing difficult soft furnishings.
Dust Mite Anti-Allergen Spray Reduces Household Allergy Symptoms

Reduce your Household Allergy Symptoms

Want to get mites away from your sensitive airways? Get mites out of your clothing, bedding and soft furnishings? Well, firstly you should know that if you have rhinitis (hay fever) due to dust mites, you’re actually allergic to the proteins that dust mites excrete. To put it bluntly, you’re allergic to dust mite droppings and vomit. Dust mites love the modern home and they will secrete digestive enzymes on to their food before ingesting it and their droppings also contain allergy-irritating proteins.

Dust mite sprays that only kill the mites are not effective in reducing allergy symptoms because the proteins (dust mite allergens) that cause the dust mite sensitivity remain. Our anti-allergen spray changes the form of allergy-causing proteins and encapsulates the remainder. You need a spray that neutralises (denatures) the proteins produced by the dust mite that we react to, to reduce your rhinitis symptoms. Our anti-allergen spray will also neutralise other allergy-causing proteins such as pet dander, pollen, cockroach droppings and mould.

Where to use our dust mite allergen spray?


  • Mattress I use dust mite spray on my mattress every six months.
  • Hard to Wash Clothing. Hay fever triggered by stored clothing? I spray infrequently worn (and infrequently washed) jackets an hour before wearing them.
  • Cushions – can be hard work to wash and dry; a quick spray keeps the sneezes away.
  • Fabric Armchairs and Upholstered Lounge Suites – spray is perfect for soft furniture and will reduce their allergen loads without the inconvenience and effort of removing fabric covers, in order to wash them.
  • Carpets. Allergy researchers have shown that you can actually raise the population of allergy-causing mites by vacuuming too frequently (every second day).* Use anti-allergen dust mite spray in conjunction with a moderate vacuuming routine to reduce hay fever symptoms.



* Wassenaar, D. P. J. “Effectiveness of Vacuum Cleaning and Wet Cleaning in Reducing House-dust Mites, Fungi and Mite Allergen in a Cotton Carpet: A Case Study.” Exp Appl Acarol Experimental & Applied Acarology: 53-62. Print.

** Anti-dust mite allergen active ingredients are anti-microbial (fungicidal – controls Aspergillus penicilloies and A. amstelodami, mould which symbiotically assist dust mites in pre-digesting their food and is also anti-bacterial).


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1 review for Get Mites? Dust Mite Spray – Anti-Allergen 940ml

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    n.moore (verified owner)

    The cat loves me and I love him, but I am super allergic to him. Sprayed it on the couch, sprayed it on the bed. Noticed the difference immediately, so I sprayed it on the cat! It works really well. Thanks Jon!

    • Jon

      Hi Natalie, You’re welcome – it’s good isn’t it? I spray it on dusty jackets that have sat gathering dust over Summer, half an hour before I wear them, and my couches and cushions. BUT, although our spray is non-toxic, we don’t recommend spraying the cat! It would be a very temporary effect on a pet and isn’t meant to be ingested. Your cat must be a very patient beast. Thanks for your order – Jon.

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