Dust Mite Allergy Pillow Cover – Cotton

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All Cotton Dust Mite Allergy Pillow Cover – holds allergens eg. dust mites, dust mite allergens and most mould spores, away from your body's key entry points, your nose, mouth and eyes. Plus, 100% Cotton means ventilation & comfort.

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This dust mite allergy pillow cover is made from cotton, so it’s great for those who prefer natural fibres. A comfortable, breathable, 100% cotton pillow encasement that doesn’t use synthetics to reduce dust mite exposure. The average pore size of our tightly woven cotton is 4.91 microns (one-millionth of a metre). Research has shown that fabric with a pore size less than 10 microns blocks dust mite and other common household allergens*.

Tightly Woven 100% Cotton Dust Mite Allergy Pillow Cover Allows Air Flow but Blocks the Passage of Dust Mites & Allergens From Your Pillow to You.

Anti-Allergy Pillow Covers block dust mites and their allergens, pet allergens, most mould spores and also, bed bugs.

Pure Cotton Dust Mite Allergy Pillow Covers lets air circulate. Allergens are held away.

It’s hard work to wash a pillow; they’re bulky and dry slowly. It’s much easier to wash an anti-dust mite pillow cover instead.  100% Cotton pillow covers allow the best airflow, while still preventing the dust mites, dust mite allergens, most moulds, bed bugs & cat allergens that live in your pillow from reaching the skin and airways of hay fever sufferers.

  • 100% pure, breathable cotton.
  • Labratory tested to block dust mites and allergens.
  • No added chemicals or harsh, anti-allergy chemical treatments.
  • High air permeability rating makes for a cool and ultimately comfortable fabric.
  • Pre-treated with steam and pressure to shrink and hold allergen-blocking pore size through repeated washing.
  • Made for the duration, double-stitched with at least 12 stitches per inch to ensure strong seams.
  • Heavy-gauge, rust-free nylon zips.
  • Those with a latex sensitivity needn’t worry – our dust mite allergy covers are latex free.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty.

As an rhinitis sufferer, I ‘road test’ the products that I make available at Allergy Australia. I don’t test a product unless I can find reliable medical/scientific research to back up the product’s use.

I’ve used this dust mite allergy pillow cover personally and found it effective in reducing the overnight hay fever symptoms that I experience. My symptoms are sniffles, puffy eyes and occasionally, wheeziness. As an added bonus, I have an oily hair type and find that the ‘breathability’ of the cotton dust mite allergy pillow cover means that the oil in my hair takes a little longer to build up, compared to when I’m using a synthetic fabric cover.

*Vaughan, J, T Mclaughlin, M Perzanowski, and T Plattsmills. “Evaluation Of Materials Used For Bedding Encasement: Effect Of Pore Size In Blocking Cat And Dust Mite Allergen.” Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 103.2 (1999): 227-231. Print.

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