woman hay fever blowing nose

Asthma, Hay Fever & Eczema: A Look At Allergy Genetics.

Do allergies such as hay fever, asthma and eczema arise more from allergy genetics or environmental factors? It’s commonly accepted that these conditions are derived from a combination of the two, scientists are now trying to find out more about which actual genes are responsible for causing  allergic misery. Millions of allergy sufferers endure a variety of unpleasant allergy symptoms […]

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A man with seasonal allergic rhinitis blows his nose

Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis) in Australia

Hay Fever is a major and growing health issue. It affects roughly 40% of Australians (including me, damnit). It’s medical name is ‘Allergic Rhinitis’, with Hay Fever being a common name that we’ve inherited from Britain. Allergic rhinitis is a persistent, sometimes chronic condition and while there are treatments for the symptoms; there is not […]

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Dad sucks on dummy to prevent allergy

Parents Spit the Dummy to Avoid Infant Eczema

  Sucking on your baby’s dummy seems to help guard them against infant eczema. A Swedish study at Gothenburg university reported that a parent sucking on the dummy before giving it to their children may give considerable protection against the development of eczema later in life. The study found that an infant’s exposure to parental […]

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Swedish Research has associated exposure to parental saliva via a dummy to reduced incidence of eczema in their infant.

Does sunlight have an effect on eczema in Australia?

Latest Australian research, suggests ‘yes’! A study of 7600 Australian children found that they’re LESS likely to have peanut allergy, egg allergy and eczema in the northern states, which receive more sunlight. The odds of having a peanut allergy were six times greater for children 8-9 years old in southern Australia and these children were […]

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